What's up Haze Heads?  It's our final show of the year and we're stoked about it honestly. 2019 is going to be NUTS for us and the show is only getting better for you! So stick around and we'll see you on the other side!!

This episode we recapped all of our guests from this year one by one and updated everyone on anything they're doing and have done since our interview! We also talked about Bird Box, 2018, and left everyone with a little New Year Motivation!

Get on in here!

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We're hanging out with Guard aka TVR aka mycringe aka...

Y'know what?  Just go hear it for yourself!

We talked about Immigration, Psychiatry, and Memes. We also asked Guard about some of the craziest things he has seen/experienced while living in LA and about his life as a Musician. This was a good one. We hope you enjoy it.

Personal Instagram: @guard

Meme Pages:






Check out his Music on Spotify: Guard

What's up everybody? We had our close friend Ryan Kennedy on the show! We talked about the mysteries of life, Ryan shared some SUUUUUPER dark jokes (cw warning), and a whole bunch of other things that will make you question why you listen to this podcast. We're definitely on the naughty list now! Ooops!


Ryan has no social media. 


Tonight Willie and Luiggi recorded with Kadeem as our co-host! We discussed a bunch of stuff tonight so without any further ado, hop on in!



What's up Haze Heads?!

This episode Willie's dad called, Luiggi read out some of the craziest conspiracies out right now, we ranted about MoviePass for the last time, and we talked about video games and other awesome Black Friday hauls!

Jump on in!

Hey there peeps!  Today we spoke with Chris White of Freedom Hard!  We chirped about his time in the military, his cigars, life as a veteran, work ethic, his new line of whiskey dropping soon, and more!

Get on in here and listen to what we have for you today! Don't miss it!

Instagram: @FreedomhardUSA

Website: Freedom Hard

Hola Calina Cabezas! Como estas?

Today we kicked it with Yung Luiggi's blood brother, Gianfranco. We spoke about the industry, video games, and a whole variety of "other" things. 'Nuff said!

Gram: @svagelj

He's back Haze Heads!

One of our most popular guests has returned and he's bringing some heat.  Hold on to your headspace because we're pumping your mind with some positive vibes in 3.. 2.. 1..

Instagram: Quinoito

We had a random good time with the one and only Sebastian Baptiste!  We talked about coffee, we talked about xtreme sports, we talked about religion and the Annunaki, and so much more random stuff that was a part of our consciousness, and is now apart of your consciousness! See ya inside!

Instagram: Sebastian_baptiste

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