This episode we had on Fashionista, Chris Manthey and we chatted about fashion (obviously), but more specifically about her brand, what other areas of the field she operates in, all the available jobs in fashion and a vast array of other topics. We also witnessed history together thanks to LeBron James. We had a blast this episode. Check it out!

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What's up Haze Heads?!

Clear The Haze just hit a milestone and we're celebrating it with you! It's our 50th episode and our biggest yet! We spoke about the lady that got reck'd by the Jaguar, awkward moments with NPH, futuristic tactical defense options, The Documentary "Leaving Neverland" and so much more! Here's to the next 50 episodes!

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This episode got personal. We discussed Slizz's art, his designs, his past struggles with drug addiction, and how he overcame it all to be back on top of his game! Heartfelt moments in this one for sure. Tune in!!!

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What's up Haze Heads!

In our final installation from our Actor's Series, we're hanging out with Dalton Baker of Paramount's Yellowstone!  In this episode we talk about what it takes to make it, the struggles faced by actors during the audition process, and Dalton tells us about how he risked it all by quitting his job in Texas to audition for Yellowstone in Utah all in the same day.

Spoiler Alert, he got the job. Enjoy!

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Guys! This episode blew our wigs back!

Actress Angela Fairley came by the studio and the vibes were phenomenal!!! She is the star of the upcoming Lifetime Network movie, "I Am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story" and you better believe it's going to be a hit! She spoke with us about the movie, her time on set, and about her personal journey as an actor. 

Definitely check out this episode, and tune in on April 20th on Lifetime Network to see Angela in action!!!

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Haze Heads Assemble!

Talent Manager Chris Giovanni is BACK and this time we talked about Pilot Season and the realities a Hollywood Actor will face, what it takes to be a Talent Manager in LA, and how to figure out what comes next on this journey to stardom. He's giving us his top tier knowledge on how to approach this industry as an actor, so make sure you listen to the wisdom that you're about to receive.

The best part about it all though is the methodology of his ideas are applicable to lots of other areas of life as well! 

If you want to improve yourself, start right here on Clear The Haze!!

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or check out his company website.

After recurring on notable shows like Zoey 101, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Dexter, and Awkward. Actor/Businessman Brando Eaton is changing the game when it comes to acting. Not only did he give us the inside scoop on a lot of the different shows he was on, he also gave some real life perspective on what it's actually like being a working actor. 

Take notes people, It's Pilot Season.

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Yoooooo Haze Heads!!

Today we discussed some of our personal political opinions, "The Wall", North Korea and it's buddy Dennis Rodman among a boatload of other topics.  You guys, it's been a while since it's been just Luiggi and Willie so you best believe, we brought the heat.  Take a listen!

Que pasa Haze Heads!

We're chillin again with our boy Quino ayyyyeeee!!!!  We spoke about self love, spiritual journeys, Bohemian Rhapsody, and new understandings!  This one will teach you what you need to know, whatever that may be.  Enjoy!


Hola!  There was no booze involved this time around so this conversation with our buddy Ryan Kennedy was much more level headed this time.  We debated top 3 Marvel movies, discussed Black Panther and some Oscar nominations, and had a blast doing it!

Ryan still has no social media.

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