What's really good Haze Heads?

We came back with a veteran guest and creator of our beloved theme song, NateKodi!  He's back promoting a brand new jam called "'Tendo" and it rides!  We also spoke about what's new in life, some political headlines, discussed candidates, and reminisced about life as a student in America.  We hit a bunch of points so stick with us as we hit you with some knowledge!  Then immediately go and listen to the new music.  Support the art!

Insta: @natekodi
Soundcloud: @natekodi

Hey Haze Heads!

Chris Giovanni wanted to come on and announce that he is now representing Music Artists. That's right CGEM Music is now open for submissions. We are always happy to have Chris on the show because he always shares industry tips and secrets and this one wasn't any different or was it? Enjoy the Show!

CGEM Music Open Submission!

Instagram: @chrisgiovannii



Yo yooooo!!

We chopped it up with DJ and close friend of the show, Jason Brown aka Grandsoulson! We talked about life, Music, politics, Aliens, and higher consciousness. This episode was a thinker, but outside the box is our specialty. It's why you guys love us so much! Thanks for listening.

Instagram: @grandsoulson

Hey Haze Heads! 

Guard is back and this time he's promoting his new song "I'm calling the cops." It comes out May 10th so make sure to check it out.

He gave us a little preview during the show and it blew our minds. It's going to be a huge song.  We also tried to make it really awkward.  Can you handle it?  Go listen!

Instagram: @guard

Check out his Music on Spotify: Guard



Hey Haze Heads! This episode we're hanging with Marvel fanatic Ryder Maldonado. Listen as we dissect Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame. Be warned, we talk about every detail of this movie as well as every easter egg we could find and think of. This is the best recap you're going to hear on ANY podcast, ANYWHERE! So we hope you enjoy it!


Instagram: @_future.man_ , @clearthehaze

This episode we sat back and took in the perspectives of professional photographer, Richard Franklin! He discussed his views on America and it's politics, his photography and how he NEVER uses Photoshop, his 8 story house/studio in Los Angeles, and much more!

Check out his unique photography collections below.

The Figurative Art Collection

The Cosmic Photography Collection

Glamour Photography

Instagram: @plazadriveshooter

This episode we had on Fashionista, Chris Manthey and we chatted about fashion (obviously), but more specifically about her brand, what other areas of the field she operates in, all the available jobs in fashion and a vast array of other topics. We also witnessed history together thanks to LeBron James. We had a blast this episode. Check it out!

 Instagram: @msmanthey

What's up Haze Heads?!

Clear The Haze just hit a milestone and we're celebrating it with you! It's our 50th episode and our biggest yet! We spoke about the lady that got reck'd by the Jaguar, awkward moments with NPH, futuristic tactical defense options, The Documentary "Leaving Neverland" and so much more! Here's to the next 50 episodes!

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This episode got personal. We discussed Slizz's art, his designs, his past struggles with drug addiction, and how he overcame it all to be back on top of his game! Heartfelt moments in this one for sure. Tune in!!!

Instagram: @slizzcore

What's up Haze Heads!

In our final installation from our Actor's Series, we're hanging out with Dalton Baker of Paramount's Yellowstone!  In this episode we talk about what it takes to make it, the struggles faced by actors during the audition process, and Dalton tells us about how he risked it all by quitting his job in Texas to audition for Yellowstone in Utah all in the same day.

Spoiler Alert, he got the job. Enjoy!

Instagram: @1daltonreed

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