Yeeerrrrrrr!!!!  What's it is Haze Heads?  Willie here.  Been a while since the last post...  We needed to (like most of the world) take some time for ourselves so we can be at our mental, emotional, and lowkey comedic best!  Lots of crazy shiznit been going down but we've survived and we're here to help put some stuff into perspective.  "Phat Vegan" Writer, Sheridan Covington joins Tobi and I for this epic vent session.  You don't wanna miss this.  So cathartic!

*deep breaths*  Woosah!

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Howdy Haze Heads!  This episode was a treat as we had our friend and veteran of the show on.  Talent Manager, Chris Giovannii joined us as we dove head first into discussion about life in Hollywood post Covid-19, finding new ways to make money as an entertainer, new projects on the horizons along with new accomplishments, and so much more!  You don't want to miss this one.  You usually have to pay for this kind of knowledge!



Happy Friday Haze Heads!  It's everyone's favorite time of the week and we have a fresh episode for ya'll to enjoy throughout the weekend!  This time Tobi joins Will on the show to discuss Netflix's "Cuties."  We also dove into some disturbing stories and conspiracies!  Tobi covered NAMbLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) and Will covered Eyes Wide Shut and the mystery behind the 1999 Stanley Kubrick classic.  Tune in and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more!


We have a treat for you Haze Heads!  Writer/Editor, Mosley. joined us to talk about his new project dropping called "Shit Is Crazy" as well as his editing career, the grind of fundraising, and other topics like the perversion of the US Postal Service, banking while Black, and so much more.  Click on in!



August 31, 2020

S5 E1 - Welcome Black!

Yo yo!  Welcome back to Clear The Haze!  The show that provides hot takes and points of views from the Black perspective!  We been gone for a minute, now we're back with the jump off!  Willie joins Tobi for this premiere episode to discuss various topics from the unfortunate and untimely passing of Actor, Chadwick Boseman as well as the Beirut Explosion, incels & the harassment of the AT&T lady, women being crass online, Ellen getting exposed, and the story of some Red Hot Chili Peppers groupies amongst much more!  Enjoy this episode and stay tuned for much much more!

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Hi again Haze Heads!  Life is all about change.  Sometimes its unexpected, sometimes its planned.  Sometimes its for the better and other times its for the worse.  As long as we're able to adapt and move ahead, we're moving right along within our divine timing.  That's happening to us here at CTH as our buddy Luiggi is heading off air to tackle new endeavors.  We talk about that inside this episode as well as what's in store for Willie and the future of CTH!  Other episode deets include New World Order talk, new life step talks, and racial injustice talk!  Hop on in!  RIP Ahmaud <3


Hello there Haze Heads!  This interview was held responsibly, via Zoom because we're being good citizens and maintaining 6 feet in distance.  We had a good chat with Frankie Corral III whom shared some enlightening perspectives with us, as well as diving into some good conversation regarding art, poetry, writing, acting, and so much more!  Check out this episode and keep washing those hands!




Welcome back again to all you Haze Heads out there.  Tonight we dug deep.  Way down into the depths to give you all a fresh perspective, and help you understand that there's more to the things happening around you than the naked eye realizes.  Listen as we fill you in on some deep state knowledge they might not want you to know about!


Hi there Haze Heads! Hope everyone is finding ways to maintain sanity in the midst of this quarantine we're all dealing with. In the meantime, join us on an audio adventure as we catch up with one another and get some cool insights from our friends, Ife Moore and Tobi Ashiru! We discussed film and TV recommendations, COVID-19 disinformation, and ways to stay motivated & United in the midst of so much division! We really had a good time catching up and enjoying some human interaction. We hope you feel the same! So sit down (if you already aren't), wash your hands, stay safe, and really enjoy this episode!




With over a Billion dollars in Box Office success, Pen Densham has had a very long and prosperous career that has allowed him to produce, direct, and write for major motion pictures and TV. He has also recently found passion in photography. We could go through Pen's resume and prove to you why this guest is so amazing, but instead I will let you take our word for it. If you have ever wanted to write or create original stories then this is the episode for you. Strap in and get ready to learn from one of the best in the business.

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