Long time, no see Haze Heads!!!  Today we're getting weird with Artist/Creator, Snow Leopard AKA Q the Producer Genius!  He ate a gold cap so you know it's about to get deep and a little bit scattered but we cleared the haze and now our 3rd eyes are active and able to see the truth.

👽Hear the truth for yourself! 👽

What's really good Haze Heads?  This episode is bananas, peaches, and pears!  We're making a conversation salad with the third black CFS in the history of humanity!  That means yo mama and her mama's mama ain't never seen nothing like this...  And up until today, ya'll ain't never heard nothing like this!

Instagram: Proteins.carbs.fat

Dang has it been a minute or what?  It's cool though because now we're back and better than ever!  Today we picked back up with Actor/Comedian Derek Mio!  We were all over the place today so protect ya neck, cause the back and forth in this one is wild!

Instagram: Derek_mio

What's really good Haze Heads?  Today we kicked it with Singer/Songwriter, Bradley Banks!  We chopped it up like lettuce and where did that get us?  Closer to God, that's for sure!  Tune in and join us!

Also, new drinking game.  Take a shot everytime Luiggi says "F***!"  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Instagram: Officialbradleybanks

This episode was so lit.  Our yungboy, NateKodi came thru and blessed the airwaves with some wise words.  You don't wanna miss this one ya'll!

Instagram: Natekodi

What's really good Haze Heads?  Tonight our Pop Culture Correspondent, Tobi, came back and chopped it up with Luiggi and I.  Oh man, it got deep, it got weird, then it got deep again.  We touched on Ocean's 8, politics (bleh, ikr!), Black Chyna, Beyonce's booty cheeks, and of course a dab of conspiracy!

Ooohhhh, I got goosies now but I think we turned our luck around on this 13th episode...  See ya inside!

What's happening Haze Heads!  We hit a bunch of topics in this one...  Including a bold prediction that LeBron is coming to LA to join the Lakers!  You don't want to miss it!

Maaaaaaan, is it me or are we in Baghdad?  No?  That's just Lizzy splitting sides with laughter?  Ok cool, just checking!

Instagram: Lizzy_weisman

This episode we kick it with Director/Cinematographer/Producer, David Blue Garcia!  We're talking about everything from his hot new film to Whataburgers...  Hold on Haze Heads, you're in for a fun one.

Instagram: Davidbluegarcia

Spielberg?  Scorsese?  Nah, we're on the hunt for the next big thing with Susie Kim and Larry Laboe of New FilmMakers LA!!

Get your popcorn ready...

Here we go!


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