The recap is real in this one!  Pretty much anything you can (and can't) think of, we discussed it in this episode.  Normally I'd list them but it's better if you just listen to it for yourself!  Take heed Haze Heads, this is the last one of the season so we jam packed it out for you!  Epic!

Happy New Year to you from us here at Clear The Haze and we wish you a merry 2020!


Strap on your hats kids, this episode is a doozy! We had another anonymous guest on the show this one goes by "Space Dust" and he wanted to discuss the Flat Earth Theory, the antarctic "Icewall", the law of gravity, Malaysian Airlines, the future of American Politics, and much much more!  Prepare for the wildest episode yet!

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Hey there Haze Heads! As we glide into a smooth finish to the year as well as the decade, we decided to dive into a bevy of topics that will appeal to you and your granny because we're all about the fam ya'll! We hit politics, we hit sports, we hit pop culture, we hit conspiracies, if you want it, we got it. 

We did the most this episode in the very best way. Jump on in!

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What's good Haze Heads! This episode we got astronomical and riffed off one another about topics varying from what Snow Leopard has been up to recently, to much more philosophical points of conversation. Truth be told, we were on a level and boy does it show! You don't want to miss this one. We trippy mane!

Snow Leopard has no social media. However, you can always follow us instead!


This episode we have a guest who wishes to remain anonymous. For that reason this episode is dedicated to our great listeners.

We spoke about VIIISION's upcoming fashion show happening at Academy on November 20th, The Federal Reserve Banking System, Nationalism & Globalism, Living Conditions in China, Money and Capitalism in America, his experiences with the Church of Scientology, Deep Fakes & the future of Movies, and so much more. You don't want to miss this!

Instagram: @aerabrand @notviiision

What's up Haze Heads? We have Co-Founder and Chief Global Designer of Q4 Sports with us today! We had an intense conversation about success, positive energy, and what it means to be a "Creative Astronaut!" We also discussed his shoe brand and it's involvement with the NBA, how he got to this point in his life, and so much more! If you want to learn some new concepts to improve your life, you can't miss this episode!


-Instagram: @Q_designs

-SoundCloud: Q_Designs

Chris Giovanni stopped by to discuss Mental Health and Hollywood. We talked about and analyzed possible causes for adult mental illness, spoke about childhood trauma and its effects, abuse, and we also shared advice that we hope will help people struggling with loving themselves and finding inner peace. Chris was also brave enough to open up about how he deals with BPD and we think that his point of view was important for this conversation. We hope this episode informs you in unexpected ways. Enjoy!

Instagram: @chrisgiovannii

If you are struggling within and you need someone to speak to, please reach out to us! We're here for you!


Bonjour Le Haze Heads! This episode we have two close friends of the show come on to discuss a bevy of various topics including China, The American Mainstream Media, new ways to grow awareness, and so much more. Tres Fulmore and Ryan Kennedy join us in studio and these guys had some hot takes. Be careful!

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