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April 2, 2019


Hey Haze Heads! Welcome back to another awesome season of CLEAR THE HAZE! 

This season we are not only pushing the conversation farther and deeper than ever before, we are doing it with a range of some of the most unique creatives in Los Angeles. Each episode we will not only ask our guests about their personal journeys and passions, we will also be covering the most interesting stories happening around the world. Nothing is off limits on this show.

All we ask is that you listen to this show with an open mind, enjoy the interviews and discussions that we are having, and please do not hesitate to email us or leave a review if you would like for us to try something different or if you simply like what you hear.
All Feedback Is Welcome. God bless and enjoy the show.

Send any feedback or questions to: Letsclearthehaze@gmail.com

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