Luiggi’s Page

February 9, 2020

A couple of words from our Host Luiggi

I hope you have been enjoying Season 4 of the Podcast. It has been a pleasure and honor to host this show. I have so much fun talking to our guests and learning about their lives and journeys. I never would have had so many deep conversations about life and my own journey if it weren't for them. I appreciate all of our listeners and hope that you can provide feedback when necessary.

This journey of exploring the mind as well as the mind of others has been extremely interesting. Mental Health is something that needs to be talked about and I hope we are helping start the conversation. I realized a long time ago that life is not an easy journey. It takes time, patience, dedication, discernment, compassion, empathy, realization, love, and balance among so many other things. I hope in some way this podcast helps make those hard days a little easier. Enjoy the show.

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